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Yttria Stabilized zirconia be

Properties and technique parameters

ZrO2 composition


Specific Density


Bulk Density


Resistance to Compression


Vickers hardness


Wear Rate (g/kg.h)




Main character

ü High bulk density lead to high kinetic energy,

higher frinding efficiency. Which is 3 to 4 times than that of traditional ceramic beads.

ü Low abrasion,

High resistance to conpression under high speed and preventiong material form any contamination.

ü Good chemical stablility,

Resisting any corrosive liquid.

ü Good sphericity and mobility,

Smooth surface, easy washing without any pores.

ü Low cost,

Improving output and quality of material.

ü Wide application in high speed,

Stick liquid and ultra fine-powder grinding. Standard size ranging from Φ0.03~Φ25mm.

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